Billy's Quest for Love. Beta Version December 2019 DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

Guide Billy in his life searching for love. go to school, interact with the residents of the village, and find love! maybe
Features: Your choices will affect later events. Working time clock 1 sec to 1 min. game ends on the 5th day.
Warning: Saving from the pause menu can sometimes break things wen u continue. also try not to press any directions during scripted events as it can get u stuck. landing the airship on certain houses will get u stuck.
Note: If things seem really fucked up tell me. msg me on XMPP or on join my MUSH and tell me on there.

Controls: Arroy keys to move. z is accept/interact. x is menu/cancel.


Billy: The main character. hes just a regular guy who lives in the village. Like most of the villagers he left the city for some reason or other to live in the fabulous and quiet and peacefull village!

Nei: Crack smoking girl who has become friends with Billy. She likes to smoke crack and is a bad influence on Billy who is now addicted to crack as well.

Sapphire: Common trash whore. Your mother warned you about her type. Probably had an abortion.

Princess: Quiet and mysterious girl who's been living in the village longer than the other students

Mary-anne: Rich girl who lives with her Grandfather, but he never seems to be around.

Wheelz: She's in a wheelchair and she's friends with Mary-anne.