DOOM 2 wads


CacoHunting. Cacodemons have invaded the forest and are breeding out of control. Get your trusty hunting rifle and go thin out their numbers... for Zandronum. or gzdoom.

Glory Holes Acres for Hellshots Golf. 18 new holes map01 - map18. maybe more in the future? some are like a normal golf course and some are different. Nightclub, Mt. Fuji, spooky house, pyramids, hole 18 is the glory holes. for zandronum or gzdoom but i didnt test

DOOM Nightclub for DEATHMATCH for DOOM 2 for Zandronum, or any port that supports enemy friends. OpenGL lighting looks best and jumping is ok. one map MAP16

ROKKENJIMA.WAD Umineko no naku koro ni DOOM 2 map for singleplayer or last man standing. need a Boom compatible port if u want to get out of the water no big deal tho. but it needs to be a limit removing port.

ww.wad 1 map wild west town for deathmatch or singleplayer(no exit but u will die)

mninja.wad recreating Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for N64 in DOOM2 still work in progress. map 1-3 are basicaly done map 4 in progress, map 5 and 6 still to come in the future. needs limit removing port.

oh.wad map01-map33 megawad of random maps of varying quality(first wad i ever made) there are no nodes because i was a noob and dont feel like updating so basically u need zdoom

cccc.wad. megawad of random maps of varying quality map01-32. map09 might lag/crash. needs limit removing port.

ddd.wad map01-map16 another random megawad still being updated. some maps are unfinished and some even have no exit yet. needs limit removing port.

machineshotty.deh fast single barrel shotgun BEST WEAPON MOD

explosivefist.pk3 makes punches cause explosions. u need zdoom