How to get each girl to go to the festival with you:
Nei: She will automaticaly go with you
Sapphire: answer tru in hallway at lunch or talk to her outside after school on the first day before dark. follow her instruction. then talk to her on the 2nd morning she says ur taking her to the festival. then talk to her after school.
Princess: get black necklace from the ghost in the school (2ways to do: go in school on first day after school before dark then wait til midnight and talk to ghost in hallway. or have magic tiger take care of nei after midnight during first night then enter school and talk to ghost in hallway before sunrise.) then talk to her in the classroom before school on the 2nd morning and say yes.

make money collecting bones and selling to the Gravekeeper (black necklace from the ghost in school at midnight required to enter wasteland to get bones from skeleton at night.)(nothing to buy yet)

killed on sacraficial altar
gutted by horned beast
slain by skeleton
billy gets lynched
become an hero
mauled by magic tiger
stabbed during festival